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Your legal cases

Conveniently access and manage your legal cases from one place, 24/7.

With everything in one location you have the flexibility to view your legal documents, contracts, medical expert reports, witness reports, letters and management data, using any device and without the need to install system software. dwf link is a web-based solution which is completely transparent. It provides a snapshot of case volume and status, so that you are in control.

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Your legal documents

Create, shape and share your legal documents. Securely.

Whether you need to track daily progress, prepare a report for your Board, or simply update and view your cases, dwf link can do it all. You can securely access and share your legal documents and quickly feed back, saving you both time and money.

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Set and control multiple levels of access to your legal cases and documents.

You have the power to control access to different levels of data for people within your teams. You can also provide levels of access to third parties such as medical experts, barristers and even opposing counsel. Everyone working in parallel helps generate a speedy turnaround of work. As people move on it's a straight forward self-serve process to transfer access rights, so your work is always accessible and visible to the relevant people.

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Easily collaborate with both your team and our experts, when it suits you.

With all your documents, contacts and information in one place, dwf link gives you the flexibility to collaborate with everyone involved in a legal case, removing lengthy email chains. You can co-work on documents online, reducing response times from third party suppliers by using notifications to signpost the clauses and information that they need to advise on.

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Quickly find legal documents and cases on the go.

Navigate through all of your legal documents, cases, contacts and data with speed. Using the lightning-quick search interface, you can easily narrow down search results for a higher working efficiency, no matter where you are working from and what device you are using.

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Key contacts

Access all our experts and your team contacts in one place.

dwf link is transparent and gives you unlimited access to your key contacts and our full range of business and legal experts, should you need them. Navigate your way to our offices or contact our concierge service to access the services in our client suite.

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Online instruction

dwf link works the way you do.

From custom instruction forms and bulk uploads to full integration with your case management system, dwf link can accept new instructions however and whenever works best for you.

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Account KPI's

Current, accurate overview of your stats and data.

At a glance you can quickly view current stats and data relating to your live matters and costs, helping you manage your budget and make decisions. Your legal cases are completely visible in dwf link so you have the versatility to access important information 24/7. dwf link provides complete transparency putting you in control.


Smooth and simple transition to bring all of your data and documents into dwf link.

We will configure dwf link to your specifications and migrate all your legal cases, data and documents to one secure location. Opening the door to a smarter way of working.

Additional features

dwf link provides you with easy access to our legal experts, news, events and also our range of products and apps.

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Tailored news and events

Save time and keep up with to date with the latest developments within your sector. Our content streaming service delivers tailored news, updates and event information from across the web.

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Innovative apps and products

Work smarter. Access our full range of apps and products and request free trials and demos for the ones that interest you.

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Coming soon

Influence future developments.

Our roadmap is shaped by your feedback and the development of features and functionality that add most value to your business.

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